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About the Executive Summary

This is the executive summary section of a full example marketing plan available on this site for free download. This executive summary presents an overview of the situation faced by institution. It also gives the methodology used in identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This it needs in order to come up with the best marketing strategies to take the institution forward to success. You need this in any business plan for your large or small business. Go to the sample.

The Marketing Plan Executive Summary Example

When we compare our fiscal year end 2000 with those of the other local commercial banks we saw that our bank continues to hold the leading industry position. We average 34% assets, 38% loans and 35% deposits. Our ratio of loans-to-deposits stands at an acceptable level of 76%, within the guidelines of the Central Bank. However, despite this strong position, our bank was unable to reach the level of profitability achieved by our competitors. For example, we achieved a return on assets ratio (RAO) of only 0.65% compared with the industry average of 0.81%. According to our research the poor result was largely due to low spread on interest earned from the Public Sector loans. These account for a substantial percentage of the overall portfolio, and receive interest at concessionary rates.

The Government of the country, shareholder of the Bank, as part of its proposed housing development program for the country, has directed the Bank to approve 100% mortgage financing for public servants amounting to $65 million over the next three years. The Bank’s five years strategic plan for the period 2001 to 2005 does not include this estimated growth. Additionally, the competition for deposits is currently very tight. This situation therefore represents a daunting task for management to secure the required funding for these loans. This is so if it is to maintain a level of liquidity within the Central Bank’s guidelines. On the other hand, however, it has created a golden opportunity for the Bank to increase market share in other areas and to make more money. You can get books at amazon to learn more.


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