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Marketing Plan Controls

This will save you and your company the time and money it would take to formulate your own from scratch. Read on to learn more. Upon approval, the institution will move swiftly to implement the marketing plan. Controls will be put in place to monitor as well as measure the results of the project to ensure the desired objectives are achieved. Following are descriptions of marketing control followed by a sample controls chart:

Market Controls Example

This process assists the marketing managers by guiding their efforts within parameters established by the environment and internal resources. The control function should be placed on high importance, as it  controls and evaluate activity. It also assists managers in developing their skills in order to provide sound management of this function.

The proven objectives and purposes of the plan are as follows:

  • It ensures that the chosen sphere of activities is optimal for the company.
  • Assists in measuring customer satisfaction to increase market share.
  • Ensures that the marketing objectives the company targets during the planning stage are achieved.
  • Re-evaluates objectives and the marketing strategy and performance.
  • Evaluates the level of adoption of the marketing concept within the marketing function and other functions at the company.
  • Conduct market research on new services, new advertising and promotional campaigns, etc.
  • Explains the failure of success and suggests methods for avoiding future failures.
  • Helps to identify the individuals responsible for success or failure of the marketing plan.
  • Assists in modifying individual behavior within the organization.
  • Develops a better understanding of the various marketing activities and the influence of the marketing mix variables on such activities.
  • Helps marketing managers develop a capacity to establish forecasts and evaluate existing programs and future marketing plans.

Control is of major importance for the success of marketing productivity. You can get books on marketing plan controls example at amazon to learn more on the topic.

The work program will assist Management in keeping the Bank on the course to success as detailed in the following table:

Marketing Plan Controls Example Chart

This example controls chart should be helpful whether you are doing direct marketing or selling via email or social media.

Activity Performed by Date / Frequency
Complete Performance evaluation of sales staff Manager Annually
Review salaries and other incentives of the sales staff Marketing Manager Annually
Measure financial results against projections Manager / Accountant Monthly / Quarterly / Annually
Carry out survey to determine customers’ satisfaction with the product and the service quality. Internal Audit Annually
Diagnose any gap / shortfall to identify the causes for such gap / shortfall and recommend corrective measures Internal Audit As necessary
Take corrective action Manager As necessary

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