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About the Marketing Implementation Example

This is a section of a full example plan available on this site for download. This will save you and your company the time and money it would take to formulate your own from scratch. Read more about implementation and then check out the chart of activities.

About Implementation

This refers to the execution of marketing strategy developed in the plan. The financial institution will, as part of the planning process, prepare an implementation schedule setting out a program of strategies. This will include start dates and/or completion dates. The strategies listed may also include supply strategies, demand strategies, competition strategies, positioning strategies, segmentation strategies, fundamental marketing strategies, as well as marketing mix strategies.

The implementation plan is of vital importance since marketing failures are much more frequent during operations than during the conceptual and planning stages. It is very easy to assume that operations personnel will provide support and the required effort toward the success. However, such assumption can lead to miscommunication and failure of the strategies. It has been seen that the unavailability of information and inadequate training for field and customer service personnel are two of the many reasons for marketing plan failure. The implementation plan schedule is a great tool to ensure a high degree of success. Below is a sample of implementation schedule:

Marketing Plan Implementation Sample Chart



Obtain Board approval By mid March 2002
Sensitize staff and pursue their buy-in By March 31,2002
Contract an advertising agency to formulate an advertising plan By March 31,2002
Select the sales team for the target market By March 31,2002
Train the sales team By mid April 2002
Development an incentive program for the sales team By mid April 2002
Provide the members of the sales team with a formal written program of the project By April 30, 2002
Provide each member of the sales team with a job description By April 30, 2002
Provide the sales team with the necessary tools, such as cell phones By April 30, 2002
Construct special counter for golden years customers By April 30, 2002
Hold an official launching 30-Apr-02
Install six additional ATMs 2 Sept. 2002, 2 Mar. 2003 and 2 June 2003
Introduce telephone banking By Sept. 2002
E-mail prospective customers Daily beginning April 2002
Advertise the service on our website Daily beginning April 2002
Phone or visit prospective customers Daily beginning April 2002
Advertise the service on the local radio and television Daily during April 2002, and as necessary thereafter within budget
Advertise in the local newspapers which are also distributed in the USA, Canada and Briton. Weekly during April 2002, and as necessary thereafter within budget

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