Examples of A SWOT Analysis: Opportunities, Threats & More

Download examples of a SWOT analysis, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, free, to guide you in writing your own.

About the Examples of a SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats. This SWOT Analysis Template is part of the complete sample Marketing Plan Document, which is also available on this website as a free download. It was written with the intention of saving you or your business time and money. It will help you write your swots with ease.

This sample plan details the company’s internal and external factors such as opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses. You can use it to identify the best marketing strategies so as to adopt to gain a competitive advantage.


It is essential that the business performs SWOT analysis in order to evaluate external factors which may impact results. Increased customer access to computers will enable a company to target a larger target group with electronic communications. The creation of the new single market may provide opportunities to businesses. It would then be able to make the best use of any surplus cash by diversifying lending via investments.

The present demographic, which is mostly younger, makes for a stronger labor force. Such is able to push the development agenda forward, to carry forward the business operations of the state. You have to take that into account when you are developing any business strategy.


Political interference or changes frequently impact customers trust in businesses. The adoption of different cultures and ways of life into our societies may lead to increased outside spending.

This would negatively affect the local economy. Therefore, by creating the new single market, the corporate entities would face competition from the regional competitors. These can better be equipped and prepared with necessary business strategies in order to satisfy changing customer needs. They would therefore pose a threat to success for a local commercial organization.


Great market shares in assets, loans, and deposits place a firm in the position to affect interest rates. This would then facilitate selection and preparation of the sales force. It can be a benefit for a business to have the largest number of customers. Customers can promote others to use their services.

Strength in any business plan or marketing strategy is one of these internal factors that is crucial in strategic planning. A business must always identify and develop its core strengths.


The company’s employees lack of exposure due to a bad mix of customers makes it hard for employees to get as much experience and credibility as their competitors. This will make it hard for them to provide services effectively. It will also be hard for them to keep up the higher standards for services as business grows. The company’s international competitors are more equipped to keep themselves afloat against stiffer competition. An effective SWOT analysis, using a suitable SWOT matrix, helps in improving the service of customers, thus, business financials.

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