How to Write a Marketing Plan – Free Sample Included

Read how to write marketing plan for your company easily incorporating the necessary analysis and strategies.

Guidelines on How Write Marketing Plan:

Team consulting on how to write marketing plan for their businessA good marketing plan is one of the most important factors for the successful growth of a business. All business owners want high sales. They use marketing plans to drive the sale of products and services to the target audience. No business can survive without customers. A well written plan is therefore necessary for every business, big or small, as it helps in connecting it with its company.

You can reach your targeted audience, improve your customer base and increase the base of your business by making a good plan. It will help you not only in setting clear, measurable and realistic objectives but also in seeking finances for your enterprise. Good planning can also help in popularizing your brand to make your business more successful. shows you how to write a plan the right way.

A marketing plan usually starts with an executive summary and an introduction covering the purpose, steps, goals, etc. In addition to these it includes the following topics:


A good plan is made after researching marketing strategies and the changing trends with the passage of time. You should research:

  • The market you are focusing on and know the ways to meet customers’ needs through your products and service.
  • The competitors of your business and the views of your targeted audience about their weaknesses and strengths.
  • The external environment; demographic, cultural, social, political, economic and technological conditions.
  • The Internal environment; staff and management performance as well as the infrastructure and delivery readiness.
  • The strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats of the organization. This is known as a swot analysis.


A marketing plan usually include Positioning Strategies, Mix Strategies, among others.  In setting strategies you must consider:

  • The needs of the customers you focus on.
  • The marketing strategies adopted by your competitors to satisfy the customers targeted by you.
  • The marketing strategy you can adopt to show your customers that your product or service is different or better than those of your competitors.
  • How to improve the level of your product or service of your brand to make your targeted customers recognize their better quality and difference from that of your competitors.
  • The scalable targets and parameters for the marketing activities of your business.
  • What channels such as social media and email marketing, tools and messages to use in approaching your targeted customers.


A marketing plan is a strategic document which can help in planning the growth of a small business along with focusing on its resources. Implementation is putting the plan into action to achieve marketing goals. The plan should include a schedule of when, how and where things will be done. It should also state who is responsible for implementing the particular item. There is no use learning how to write a plan if your products will not reach the target market.


It will be useless to spend time writing a plan and then it does not work. There has to be follow up to ensure planned strategies are properly implemented and are producing the desired results. The documentation of a plan provides effective control to its owner as it helps in controlling the day-to-day works. A scheduled table of timelines for implementation of various actions and events guides the process. Some tweaking may be required at times.

The targets set in the plan can help business owners in several other ways. These include distributing the budget and resources, encouraging the marketing team, managing the marketing efforts, as well as rewarding the performance of the sales staff.


These are the basic principles which help in making a good plan. You have successfully completed the first step of marketing your business, if you apply these points. A marketing plan must be updated from time to time to be effective in changing times.

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