Frequently Asked Questions

Read the frequently asked questions about our example marketing plan you can download free:

Can I freely use the Example Marketing Plan presented on these pages?

  • You are free to copy and paste the information presented on these pages. You can edit the content to meet your needs.

Can I get a properly formatted copy of this Example Marketing Plan?

  • Yes, you can download a free copy of the entire document, properly formatted by clicking the download link.

Can I publish or sell the example marketing plan available on this site?

  • No. This document was written by Keith Inniss, and is the property of Keith Inniss. It is free for personal use only, and is not to be published on websites or otherwise, or sold without the expressed permission of Keith Inniss.

If there is difficulty with the download, will you be able to help?

  • Yes, just send an email to or and the sample document will be emailed to you.