Sample SWOT Analysis: Opportunities, Threats & More

Download a swot analysis example for free covering strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that you can use as a guide to write your own easily.

About the SWOT Analysis Example

Man and woman studying marketing plan sample swot analysisThis sample is part of a full example marketing document also available on this site for free download. It was written to save your company the time and money it would take to write your own from scratch. It details the company’s opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses that will be used to determine the best marketing strategies to be employed.


The increased access to computers by customers will allow the business to reach more target groups through electronic communication. The establishment of the new Single Market can present opportunities for the entity. It will therefore better utilize any excess liquidity through diversification of its lending and through investments. The population that is mostly young comprises a strong workforce capable of advancing the developmental plans to take the country’s forward. You need to consider this in any marketing strategy.


Political interference or changes often affect customers’ confidence in the business. The introduction of different cultures and lifestyles into our society can result in greater external spending and thus have a negative impact on the local economy. With the establishment of the new Single Market the entity will be faced with competition from regional competitors. These are better equipped and prepared to meet the changing needs of customers.


Greater market shares of assets, loans and deposits puts the business in a position to influence the level of interest rates. This will therefore make the selection and training of the sales team easier. It may be an advantage to the company to have the largest customer base, as customers may encourage others to use its services. The importance of strengths in any business plan or marketing strategy is paramount.


The lack of exposure for company staff as a result of poor customer mix makes it difficult for the staff to gain the experience and confidence as those of competitors. This will make it difficult for them to deliver services efficiently and to maintain high standards of service. The Company’s international competitors are better prepared to stay afloat in the face of strong competition.

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Download the marketing plan swot analysis example

Download the swot analysis sample that will help you to write your own easily. You can copy any part of this marketing plan swot analysis example and edit it as needed when writing yours. This will guide you more on strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats.